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DESIGN - woodaluminium window

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DESIGN, the innovative woodaluminium window from our own research and development department combines high quality design, maximum energy efficiency, the highest level of safety and extraordinary comfort. Remarkable details, top-of-the-line appearance and state-of-the-art technology make DESIGN the frontrunner of sophisticated architecture. The very slim wood elevation increases the glazing surface and improves the thermal protection value of the window. The result: bright, open and rooms suffused with light. The revolutionary, micro-foam sealant increases longevity and durability and improves soundproofing and thermal protection. Katzbeck – the specialist for woodaluminium and wood windows.

LINEA - woodaluminium window

Uw 0.82


Contemporary architecture calls for clarity and straight-forwardness. Katzbeck honors these requirements through its new LINEA window innovation – a flush-mounted woodaluminium window that serves as a design object in and of itself. The flush-mounted window system for contemporary architecture represents high-quality looks, exceptional longevity, and maximum energy efficiency. The sashes and frame line up with the wall in one, thereby providing each room with a clear, contemporary feeling. The slender wood profile and the enlarged glass surfaces facilitate rooms flooded with light and provide for unique views.

MASSIVA / MASSIVApassiv - wood window

Uw 0.71


Even stronger and sturdier – featuring solid wood thickness MASSIVA stands for highest stability and safety. Suitable for passive homes, the “toughest” innovation by Katzbeck – the specialist for woodaluminium and wood windows – is convincing through its 100 percent natural insulation. Burglary arrest details and very high stability of the casements, frames, and fittings, as well as extraordinarily strong laminated safety glass create a feeling of absolute security within your own home for a very long time; Katzbeck stands for longevity with 65 years of experience and quality.

COMBINA / COMBINApassiv - woodaluminium window

Uw 0.71

Strong performance

The special thickness of wood and the high stability of the sashes, window frames, and fittings provide the strongest arguments of the COMBINA window system. They warrant a safe, cosy and comfortable home. Both models are suitable for passive houses, i.e. they are in accordance with the high thermal protection standards required for energy efficient construction. COMBINApassiv represents the strongest woodaluminium window of the Katzbeck product range, featuring a frame thickness of 111mm and standard triple glazing. Therefore, the woodaluminium and wood window specialist provides a good feeling along with a long-term effect.


State of abeyance

Contemporary architecture brings nature into the living quarters through extensive glass surfaces. Window/Door elements reaching from the ground to the ceiling that can be slid aside completely ensure a flowing transition between inside and outside. Optimum use of indoor space is provided by the application of space-saving opening windows/doors featuring lifting-sliding elements, compared to turning sashes/leafs, and the expansive glazing dimensions flood rooms with light. Large sliding elements are made possible through the specific, especially sturdy structure of lifting-sliding doors by Katzbeck. As these elements can be of considerable weight, a sophisticated technology facilitates the opening and closing of these: the perfect transmission of the opening mechanism enables an ease in opening – and the element glides to one side with a minimum use of force.


Full glass design

Large glass surfaces meet the demand of more sun, light, and nature being present within living spaces. NURA represents the brand new development of a full glass system which enables the fulfillment of this dream. Upon request, this window can also be assembled featuring full glass corners and glass splices – transparent and flush-mounted glass-to-glass.


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