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Passive House

Passivhaus and the Passive House standard is becoming more and more the future build of today as the demand for more energy efficient dwellings is on the increase in the face of fuel poverty and the need for a lower carbon future. Using a fabric first approach for very low energy buildings, a passivhaus is designed to create a more comfortable, stable and healthier living condition when compared to conventional buildings. Amongst the criteria required to acheive the passivhaus standard including, low energy consumption, high thermal insulation properties and airtightness is the requirement for high performance, triple glazed windows with low Uw values below 0.8.

Katzbeck Windows and Doors Ltd. as one of the most appreciated manufacturers of high quality, high performance wood and woodaluminium windows and doors in Austria, meet the criteria required for the passive house standard and passive house products. Development and production of energy-efficient windows along with comfort, safety and affordability for low-energy buldings and homes is Katzbeck´s corporate´s commitment.

Katzbecks window types like MASSIVApassiv (wood) and COMBINApassiv (wood-aluminium) achieving U-values of 0,73 are windows of highest energy-saving benefits due their extraordinary thermal protection standards.

Whether for retrofit or new constructions, Katzbeck offers superinsulating windows with high energy performance standards. The wood and woodaluminium windows from Katzbeck are tailored to the climate zones and frequently changing weather conditions in UK from North to South.

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